About the CAPPM User Society (CUS)

The CA PPM User Society (CUS for short). CUS is an international society, in the Benelux organized in the Benelux CUS, that gathers the worldwide users of Clarity software with the following objectives:
  • to meet on a regular basis and share experience and ideas
  • to identify common problems and to look for solutions
  • to define common user needs and strategy
  • to initiate cooperation among the users and between the users and Computer Associates
  • to provide a focal point for the user community to formulate their needs and interests and to present them to Computer Associates for the solution to problems and for the development of their future products
  • to receive advance information from Computer Associates on their new products
  • to provide an escalation level towards Computer Associates (CUS does not have a formal role in the enhancement process, but every member of CUS can ask CUS to raise a case on behalf of a small or large number of members. Also CUS may ask her members to support an enhancement request by raising the same case)